First of all; we are so excited you are planning a trip to Nepal! The country is beautiful, the people are unbelievably friendly and there are unlimited things to do! Nepal is one of our favorite countries to visit and you are going to absolutely LOVE IT!
The Last Resort offers numerous activities including bungee jumping, canyon swinging, white water rafting and canyoning. Located about 3.5 hours drive from Kathmandu; The Last Resort is an amazing way to find adventure in Nepal!

Location & Getting There

The Last Resort is located about 3.5 hours northeast of Kathmandu close to the Tibetan Border. Round trip transportation from the main office in Thamel is included in your activities. You can easily book your trip at the office in Kathmandu. You can also book online and check out a full price list HERE. Once you leave the city, the majority of the road is unpaved but the views of the Bhote Kosi River are remarkable! You will stop halfway for a bathroom break and a chance to buy breakfast or dinner. This will only cost you 150 rupees (about $1.20 USD) and trust me.. you`re going to want to try the food!

Shown Above: A path leading to The Last Resort from the river and the sacred place.

The Resort & Food

If you are on a budget; you might choose a day trip from Kathmandu as this will be your cheapest option. If you ask me that’s too much travel time and not enough time to soak in the beautiful scenery! If possible spend at least one night here. The food is superb and the area is stunning. All buffet meals are included with your stay and you are free to explore the trails, chase the surrounding waterfalls, soak in the plunge pool, and enjoy the sauna. As far as accommodation goes; you stay in luxury tents spread throughout the property. They are rustic, charming and very comfortable nestling you right into the forest!

Shown Above: The luxury tent accommodation, multiple waterfalls only a short walk from The Last Resort and the plunge pool.

Bungee Jumping

Measuring in at 160 meters this is the third highest bungee jump in the world! Now if your like me (I always thought there was no way in hell I would ever bungee jump) this place just might change your mind. The scenery is unbelievable and the staff made us feel relaxed and safe. The attention to detail and superb location make this destination one for the books. Everyone was so encouraging and the jump was unlike anything I`ve ever experienced before; so exhilarating!

Shown Above: David and I bungee jumping into the massive gorge from the bridge.

Canyon Swing

The worlds largest swing begins from the same platform as the bungee jump. You can choose to go single or tandem; we loved the tandem because experiencing it together was half the fun! Of all the activities; this was our favorite and also the most thrilling. The 6-7 second free fall is absolutely insane and the swing through the bottom of the gorge along the river is icing on the cake.

Shown Above: Right after we jumped off the platform, swinging along the river on the the tandem swing, and the canyon. 


For those of you thinking “what exactly is canyoning?” I was in the same boat as you before we visited The Last Resort. Canyoning here includes rappelling down a series of 8 waterfalls with one short waterfall slide. The scenery is gorgeous with the tallest waterfall being a 45 meter drop. The guides were very safety conscious and made the trip an absolute blast.

White Water Rafting

The Bhote Kosi river offers one of the best river rafting day trips in Nepal and even throughout the world. The locals we have spoken to overwhelmingly agree that if you are going to do white water rafting in Nepal; this is the place to do it!

We hope you enjoyed our post on The Last Resort in Nepal. Don`t forget to check out The Last Resort`s website to book your next adventure! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or share your experience in the comments below. We`d love to hear from you!
The Last Resort in Nepal
The Last Resort, Nepal

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